Soil is the foundation for any successful planting, whether it be a container garden, turf, or garden beds. Often one's existing soil may contain rocks, shells or construction waste or may contain too much sand or clay.  Replacing this soil with a balanced organic mixture may be the difference between success and failure in the landscape.

The  Garden Soil  we  use for  establishing or refurbishing garden beds is an 80-90% organic mix which will provide your plants with the necessary nutrients and drainage for healthy plants. We also carry bulk pump sand.

 We also carry bagged soils for smaller jobs or for container gardening:

  • Magnolia Garden soil, 40 lb.
  • Fertilome Potting soil, 3 sizes: 8qt., 25qt., 50qt.
  • Hu-More Plant & Soil builder
  • African Violet Potting soil
  • Orchid Potting Mixture


We carry St. Augustine sod and Centipede sod. It is sold by the pallet, by the piece (16"x24") or by the plug (St. Augustine only). A pallet of St. Augustine sod contains approximately 50 sq. yds., and a pallet of Centipede sod contains approximately 55 sq. yds.

 St. Augustine

This turf grass has a course texture, is blue-green in color, is fast growing, and provides dense coverage.  It is adaptable to a wide range of soil types and is sun and shade tolerant. Mowing height is best at 1.5"-2.5 ".


Centipede is a medium-course textured turf and is highly versatile. It is normally yellow-green in color. Its foliage is dense and it is adaptable to a wide rang of soil types.  Mowing height is best at 1.0"-2.0 ".


Mulch is very important not only for the aesthetic value it adds, but because it helps the soil retain moisture and deters the growth of weeds. We carry Cypress Mulch grades A, B, & C, Pine bark nuggets, Pine straw-bales, and Pine straw-bags.

Rock / Stone

We carry Lava rock, Marble pieces, Natural stone for pond edges, Edging: Straight and curved concrete-scalloped, Stepping stones-concrete, and Splash block -concrete (placed on ground under gutter pipe).

 We are happy to load your car or deliver soils, sod, mulch and stone.

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